The Best Ways to Track Your Car Using Your Phone

The development of technology has touched upon all sectors such as finance, health care, manufacturing, automotive and so on. There are various tasks which are found impossible to perform in earlier days could be easily done today. No one in their wildest of imagination would have thought of buying car spare parts or accessories from the comfort of one’s house. It’s possible nowadays with the help of various online sites like 247spares.

You can easily track the movement of your vehicle too just using your mobile phone. The reason could be anything such as you need to track your teenage children’s movement or to track the employees working in your office and so on. You just have to install the GPS software on the mobile phone and it is the smartest way to track the car.

Steps to track the car

Step 1- You need to choose which GPS software you need to use for the car.

Step -2- You should visit the website and register for its service by entering the username, telephone number, email address, and password. There are few sites which ask for payments details too.

Step 3- After a few minutes, you will receive the text message and email asking you to confirm the registration. By using the browser in the phone you should go to the link given and download the app or software on the mobile phone.  Follow the instructions given to download.

Step 4- Once you have downloaded it; go to the website where you have signed up. Log in to the site and there you could view the detailed street map. The blinking dot would be your mobile phone and the username would be mentioned next to it. You could now keep it in your car to track its movement wherever it goes. Better to keep the phone in mute while in use.