InMotion Hosting v/s Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans Comparison

Are you looking for a good hosting company for the growth of your professionals or business? Here is the comparison of InMotion Hosting v/s Hostgator which help you in selecting the right one for you. The shared hosting plans of InMotion will be a good option to a static website, online stores, custom applications and more. Further, it also offers data backups for free, money back guarantees for 90 days, free domain, unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space, solid state drives and much more.

It allows for application installation with just one click and the solid state drives of InMotion allows for 20 times greater speed in hosting. Since it is based on the US, the customer support will be available for all the days and you can contact them via chat, email, and phone. Following are some great comparisons of InMotion hosting and Hostgator hosting company.

Solid-State Drives:

The InMotion hosting company includes SSD which is nothing but solid state drives. This helps them to provide great performance than the standard hard drives. Through this, your content will be easily delivered to the visitors in a quick mode. But this SSD is not offered by Hostgator hosting company.

No-Downtime Website Transfer:

If you transfer your sites to InMotion then they will offer website as well as account transfer for free. Since they offer the entire account of you, your settings or emails will not be lost. Also, there will be no downtime for transferring process and they will move your online files before DNS switching.

Money Back Guarantee:

The money back guarantee is offered by both the Hostgator as well as the InMotion hosting company. So if you don’t like their service, you can get back your money within the time period. InMotion hosting company offers the 90-day money back guarantee whereas Hostgator hosting company offers 45 days money back guarantee.

Free Data Backup:

Data backup is very much important to retain your personal as well as critical information about your business. Both the InMotion and Hostgator allows for free data backup but they both differ in timing. The InMotion hosting company allows you to free data back up for every 24 hours to 36 hours where you can save your backups up to 10GB. Hostgator offers free data backup for only once in a week.


Apart from SSH Access, PHP, and Ruby, InMotion offers both the PostgreSQL and MySQL to manage your data and this offers you flexibility in developing applications and you will also feel more comfortable. But the PostgreSQL is not offered by the Hostgator.

Free Domain:

The InMotion offers a free domain for all the one year as well as two-year hosting plans for the business. If you don’t like to purchase during the checkout, InMotion will offer a domain for free which you can use it later. The Hostgator charges for the domain for all the hosting plans of them.

Pre-Installed WordPress:

The InMotion allows for pre-installed WordPress so that you don’t need any manual setup to download it and also the hosting will be started once you purchase your hosting plans in InMotion. Hostgator doesn’t offer preinstalled WordPress.

Free SSL:

Everyone will look for the best security while choosing hosting company so as to keep their content as well as the website in a secured manner. The InMotion hosting provides free SSL on all their shared plans and Hostgator doesn’t include free SSL in their plans.

Automated Vulnerability Patching:

The InMotion works hard to protect your website in a safe manner and it protects from malware as well as hackers. To keep all your files in a safe manner, it checks for vulnerability patches in a regular manner. This facility automatically patches the applications and always updates its security features automatically. But this facility is not offered by the Hostgator hosting company.

Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space:

Both the Hostgator and InMotion hosting company offer you unlimited bandwidth for all the shared plans and all the plans are made to be equipped with unlimited disk space as well. Even though both offer unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space you have to look for the best speed.

The above are the comparisons of shared hosting plans of Hostgator and the InMotion hosting. Check out these things while choosing the hosting company for your website. This will be helpful for in selecting the best hosting company and also choose the hosting company that offers easy sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter and more to reach earn more visitors.