How These Five Advances in Dog Tech Could Change Your Life

Technology not only helps us to stay in track of our lives but it also helps us to manage the lives of our pets, which in turn could be of great use to us as well. When things around us change, including making our pet’s life easier and more comfortable, then it could change our lives for the better as well. Here is a look at five great tech inventions that have contributed in this regard.

  1. Toys – Dogs love to play and to be pampered. However, since you are not around all the time, you spend less time playing with them. This problem can be solved with the help of modern-day surveillance toys that help you keep in touch with your pets when you are away and in turn interact with them, play with them through special smart balls, treat them to a goodie with the help of an automatic treat dispenser, and more. Most importantly, it helps you warn your pets not to do something that they are forbidden like chewing on furniture, sleeping on your bed or drinking water of the closet.
  2. Fitness Trackers – It is not just we humans who need to watch our weight and diet, but so does our pets. Pets tend to overeat, which might not be good for them. Special wearables that can track your pet’s activities are great when you want to ensure if your pet is maintaining the correct weight and living the healthy pet life.
  3. Pet Strollers If prams are for babies and wheelchairs for the aged, then why not strollers for your pets, if these make moving around easier? Strollers for pets are great when it comes to moving your pets from one point to another, especially with finicky, anxious, or hyperactive little dogs. You can move them around with ease with no added burden to your hands/shoulders.
  4. Medical Advancements – Development is seen not only in toys, gadgets, and wearables but also in the veterinary division. With ultrasounds, MRI scans, laparoscopy, micro-fracture detection, recombinant DNA, 3D printing and more, the health standards of pets have also improved drastically, which makes it easier on us to help our pets overcome health problems.
  5. Safety Tech – With safety being the first concern for all, how to keep pets safe and how pets can keep us safe in return are important. Tech devices like smart collars and vests are designed in a special way to ensure that the dogs are warned of extreme climatic conditions or the presence of water. These techs also help you to track your pets with the help of GPS tools. Moreover, certain wearables are designed in a unique way that pets can send a distress message to the police in case its master is in trouble.