Warum 5 Links besser als 50000 sind

When it comes to creating a website you would have to fine-tune several elements for better optimization. One of the major steps would be the process of building the different types of links. Backlinking is one main type of link building that has a huge role to play. Websites like https://lynkhero.com/de can be of great help when it comes to the optimization of your website. In link building, there is one truth that you should always remember – the quality matters more than the quantity. If you only have 5 links, all of them being healthy ones and all of them being relevant, it would be much better than having 50000 links few of which might turn out to be irrelevant. The problem starts when people focus solely on the website traffic. This is indeed important for the growth of the website. But traffic is not the only parameter to work on.

When you have several links, you might have irrelevant visitors

The number of clicks or the number of links might determine the number of visitors for a site. There are situations where the visits are sponsored. There are visitors who are paid to click the links. The result would be the increase in traffic on your website. But how would you know the effectiveness of your website unless you know about the actual people who visit your website?

If there are just a few links and all of them are relevant ones you would know that users do not land on your page by chance or do not check your page merely for the rewards. The users who land on your page would be those who are genuinely interested in your business and would be those who wish to know about your business. From this count, you can work on improving the conversion rate and analyze those cases where a potential lead did not turn out to be a customer.…