How to Make Interactive Video Creative Work for Your Brand in 2018

I have been wondering what the red button on the remote was for!

For years now, I kept wondering what that red button was used for. Recently a grandnephew told me something about interactive videos and television and he referred to the red button on our remote. It clicked!

Well, so the red button there on the television remote is for interactivity between the advertiser/media baron/shows and the consumers.

I belong to an era when television was only television. There were only soaps and serials to watch at the stipulated time. And we used to get timetables in the newspaper for the shows. Later, in my times, the cable revolution took place when television channels would air entertainment capsules throughout the day!

It was revolutionary because the television could be watched any time of the day or night. I remember being worried for my children who were into binge-watching, sometimes watching and reaching the same stuff over and over again for killing their time. And even when they had important work at hand!!

Today, interactivity is the need of the hour:

There are so many advertisers that they are lost in the crowd. How do you stand out in a crowd of hundreds of advertisers who are bombarding their stuff over the television all of the twenty-four hours?

Here is a small guide:

  1. Keeping it open for consumers:

Giving more choices to the customers through interactive videos increases the chances of being more visible to the target audiences. People love to connect with the companies and in turn, their love also increases.

  1. Have you considered that interactive videos can be a great source of customer feedback?

The more the consumers interact, the better the company get to know them and can design their products to suit the needs. This is often symbiotic in nature and works for both!

  1. Using social media to your advantage:

Getting on to social media and microblogging sites can mean more visibility and more interactivity between the consumers and the company. Never miss a chance to be able to connect with the consumers!

  1. Interactive boards and hoardings:

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