5 Ways Technology Has Changed How We Move and Explore

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we move and explore.  Let us the top 5 changes:

Mobile apps for travel planning:  Gone are those days when people used to stand in long queue for ticket reservation and seek the help of travel consultant for trip planning.  Especially travel was beyond the border of one’s country the fear factors were more.  But today, technology has showered us with many apps.  So right from ticket planning, hotel reservations, food arrangement, site seeing, all the work can be easily done.   One can choose the best after reading online reviews of tour operators.  Also, dedicated travel sites give tips on the shortest route, the suitable season for travel and list of places not to be missed.  In fact, there are virtual tour videos.  One can watch these and plan a beautiful trip.  There also language interpreting apps.

GPS:  Travelling in an unknown area is always a nightmare for the person who drives.  GPS and detailed road maps clearly show the way.

Mode of transport:  Technology has reduced travel time to a greater extent. Also, there are new innovative modes of transport like hoverboards.  One can simply visit sites like http://offroadhoverboard.net/fastest-hoverboard/ and purchase a Hoverboard which is much simpler than buying a car. The hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter which is easy to carry and use.  They work on battery and require few hours of charging daily.

Travel comforts:  Most vehicles are wifi enabled.  Hence travelers have no difficulty in staying connected.  Technology has reduced the volume of luggage.  Many physical items like books, games, music players etc are reduced to simple gadgets which consume negligible space.

There are comfort features like air-conditioner, in-flight entertainment etc.  Technology has enabled ergonomic friendly features like additional leg room space, adjustable seating arrangement.