The Ultimate Technologies That Are Going to Define the Next Decade in Cities

Few technologies undermentioned are going to rule the world in the next few decades in the cities of the world:

IOT: Imagine switching on the water heater at your home from your car an hour before reaching home so that hot water is ready when you step in escaping from ice cold weather.  This is possible through internet connecting your car and your heater.  This is a simple example of the Internet of Things.  IOT can be used for operating devices, home appliances, vehicles etc. from a remote location.  It is a promising technology which is in its development stage now.

Blockchain technology:  It helps is secured data transfer.  It is going to be of great use in the financial and banking industry.  This technology will help in safe online transactions and fraud would be reduced.

Automation of logistics- Manless cargo containers and drones would be operated.  This will reduce shipping cost of even luxury goods.  Soon we will see wholesale louis vuitton bags free shipping which will make customers to enjoy quality products at low cost.

Flight taxi: Traffic jams due to millions of cars on roads causing noise and air pollution results in delays.  Commuting from one place to another is getting tough day by day.  In future, fight taxis would be introduced to reduce hardships.

Face recognition technology:  All the airports and important places like heritage sites and army headquarters etc. which face high-security issues would switch over to face recognition technology.  This will speed up access and is more reliable.

Robotics:  Robotics would be largely used in medical science and research.  Even risky researches can be undertaken without any hazard to humans.

Wearing technology:  Soon all documents like passports, driving license, identity cards etc. will be in wearable digital form.  This will prevent duplication.

Digital currency:  Very soon physical currency will be replaced by digital currency.