A Complete Guide: How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone

Money saved is definitely equivalent to money earned. Saving money can be simple if you make the best use of some of the simple tools that you already have. Take, for example, the one gadget that you might carry with you everywhere- the smartphone. Here are some interesting ways in which you can use your smartphone to save money and cut down your expenses –

Make international calls without increasing your phone bills

International calls are still very expensive. But if you wish to cut down the phones bills while also being able to stay connected with your friends and family who have settled abroad, then you can use the video calling and voice calling apps available for the mobile operating systems. The clarity of the call is as clear as the conventional calls but the charges would be included in your data bills.

Budgeting apps

Smartphone apps are available for getting work done in a few clicks. Take the budgeting apps for example. There are plenty of them which can help you track your expenses on the go. So you can record every penny spent and then study the data to understand your spending patterns.

Mobile wallets and mobile banking

Shopping online is known to be a cost-effective alternative to hunting for a store. There are also websites like CouponoBox which help you find coupons that can be used while placing your order. There are mobile wallets that allow you to make online transactions which can also fetch cashback and special discounts. Mobile banking apps can be used to transfer funds. This can reduce the transaction costs and the time involved in withdrawing money and then depositing it in the intended account.

Grab those discounts

Most of the retailers offer better deals on mobile shopping apps. There are also extra discounts that you can make use of when you place an order and make a payment online through mobile wallets.…