How to Make Interactive Video Creative Work for Your Brand in 2018

I have been wondering what the red button on the remote was for!

For years now, I kept wondering what that red button was used for. Recently a grandnephew told me something about interactive videos and television and he referred to the red button on our remote. It clicked!

Well, so the red button there on the television remote is for interactivity between the advertiser/media baron/shows and the consumers.

I belong to an era when television was only television. There were only soaps and serials to watch at the stipulated time. And we used to get timetables in the newspaper for the shows. Later, in my times, the cable revolution took place when television channels would air entertainment capsules throughout the day!

It was revolutionary because the television could be watched any time of the day or night. I remember being worried for my children who were into binge-watching, sometimes watching and reaching the same stuff over and over again for killing their time. And even when they had important work at hand!!

Today, interactivity is the need of the hour:

There are so many advertisers that they are lost in the crowd. How do you stand out in a crowd of hundreds of advertisers who are bombarding their stuff over the television all of the twenty-four hours?

Here is a small guide:

  1. Keeping it open for consumers:

Giving more choices to the customers through interactive videos increases the chances of being more visible to the target audiences. People love to connect with the companies and in turn, their love also increases.

  1. Have you considered that interactive videos can be a great source of customer feedback?

The more the consumers interact, the better the company get to know them and can design their products to suit the needs. This is often symbiotic in nature and works for both!

  1. Using social media to your advantage:

Getting on to social media and microblogging sites can mean more visibility and more interactivity between the consumers and the company. Never miss a chance to be able to connect with the consumers!

  1. Interactive boards and hoardings:

This is a great strategy. We have used this wonderfully well in our field and are so happy to have partnered and got wonderful printed stuff at competitive rates. Check out cheap printing glasgow

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ripple

You may be wondering what are the differences between Bitcoin and Ripple, Bitcoin and Ripple are two very popular cryptocurrencies that have been on the market for a very long time now. These are the two most popular cryptocurrencies on the market today and it is imperative to understand the differences between the two cryptocurrencies if you wish to have an easy time investing and doing well in the market of cryptocurrencies today. That is the reason why we’ve created this quick guide on understanding the differences between Bitcoin and Ripple as cryptocurrencies.

Although Bitcoin is the unrivaled leader in the game of cryptocurrencies, Ripple is steadily gaining value as time goes a long due to the nature of its growing usage and applications towards financial technologies and services, Ripple is now third as of the time of this writing in terms of market cap.

This article will help show you the differences between the two cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin operation uses a blockchain that is public and supports digital currencies for the transaction of money to purchase things and online services, Bitcoin uses the cryptocurrency indication known as: BTC.

Ripple uses another framework and has it’s own protocol and payment methods, although Ripple is technically spekaing another cryptocurrency (using the ledger XRP and known as the ripple coin), it is in reality mostly a payment system, asset management and a transaction system that works a lot like a bank transferring money through a network of intermediaries and financial hubs (One great example of this in action is the Swift Payment system)

In conclusion, Bitcoin and Ripple are two different cryptocurrencies that are used for different purposes and should be treated differently by investors around the world. Thank you for reading our quick guide on them!…

The Technologies That Will Change Health and Care

There are so many large improvements in technology that are coming into play as of today, many of these improvements will occur in the medical industry, here are a few of them that we’ve managed to find.

One of the things we manage to find is 3D printing 3D printing can be used to artificially produce large amounts of low-cost medical grade prosthetics, casts, blood vessels, organ implants and much more. This technology can eventually be used to produce large amounts of cheap biological material such as organs or medicine and the such.

The second thing we managed to find is Nanobots what can be used in medical purposes in many ways, for example injecting Nanobots into the bloodstream in order to detect vital signs, monitor a tumor, find pre-cancerous growths or as a better way of injecting medicine into the body.

The third thing is virtual reality, virtual reality can be used to treat people who are traumatized by things like PTSD, PTSD can be treated by treatments like exposure therapy, however for many soldiers this is not viable because no one wants to return to someone to the battlefield. Virtual reality can be used to simulate these environments and therefore provide exposure therapy for people suffering from PTSD.

The fourth thing we managed to find is robotics, robots can be used to assist in surgeries where the stakes are very high, for example in a very difficult neurological procedure, one wrong suture can end up in a dead patient. Having a robot assist a doctor who is likely not been able to sleep well for the past week can drastically increase the success rate of said surgery. Other uses for robotics include disinfecting cleaning and taking care of patients while doctors are not currently available.

Fourth is better dosage, people have to use a dosage that often times is not the best for their body, let’s say you purchase a supplement off of MovoMovo, often times you’ll get a dosage that conforms to a standard but not necessarily your body’s own standard. Tech can help find which dosage is best for you.

Preventing Your Bitcoins From Being Hacked Or Stolen, Here’s How

The Bitcoin prices have shot up in the last few years and this has created a demand for cryptocurrencies. They are of great value but unfortunately like the other assets that you have it is much easier to hack or steal Bitcoin from your wallet.

The government is only taking steps to regulate the exchanges that deal in cryptocurrencies. However, there is no protection layer or no agency that is there is catch the thieves.

So it is totally your responsibility to safeguard your cryptocurrency. These simple steps can help you keep your asset safe.

2FA is a must

If your Bitcoin wallet offers a two-factor authentication then make use of it. This is a protection to your wallet where even if someone has stolen your login details he would still need your phone to get the 2FA code.

Make sure that your device is secure

The cryptocurrency can be stolen easily and thus it is the top priority for you as well as for your broker to keep it safe. Like other online dealings, it gets difficult to control the cryptocurrency. Thus when you are dealing with cryptocurrencies ensure that you take extra security and add multiple authentications and use encryption to prevent your wallet from being hacked or stolen

Protect the private keys

The 256-bit number is the wallet key that unlocks your crypto wallet. All the sensitive data is in that key. You will need the private key to spend the Bitcoin and thus you need to ensure that this key is protected well.


Phishing attacks have escalated with the rise in the price of Bitcoin, The phishers are always in search for Bitcoin private keys and passwords to get access to the Bitcoin wallet. There are also many fake apps of the cryptocurrency exchanges and thus you need to be careful to not fall prey to these thefts.

InMotion Hosting v/s Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans Comparison

Are you looking for a good hosting company for the growth of your professionals or business? Here is the comparison of InMotion Hosting v/s Hostgator which help you in selecting the right one for you. The shared hosting plans of InMotion will be a good option to a static website, online stores, custom applications and more. Further, it also offers data backups for free, money back guarantees for 90 days, free domain, unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space, solid state drives and much more.

It allows for application installation with just one click and the solid state drives of InMotion allows for 20 times greater speed in hosting. Since it is based on the US, the customer support will be available for all the days and you can contact them via chat, email, and phone. Following are some great comparisons of InMotion hosting and Hostgator hosting company.

Solid-State Drives:

The InMotion hosting company includes SSD which is nothing but solid state drives. This helps them to provide great performance than the standard hard drives. Through this, your content will be easily delivered to the visitors in a quick mode. But this SSD is not offered by Hostgator hosting company.

No-Downtime Website Transfer:

If you transfer your sites to InMotion then they will offer website as well as account transfer for free. Since they offer the entire account of you, your settings or emails will not be lost. Also, there will be no downtime for transferring process and they will move your online files before DNS switching.

Money Back Guarantee:

The money back guarantee is offered by both the Hostgator as well as the InMotion hosting company. So if you don’t like their service, you can get back your money within the time period. InMotion hosting company offers the 90-day money back guarantee whereas Hostgator hosting company offers 45 days money back guarantee.

Free Data Backup:

Data backup is very much important to retain your personal as well as critical information about your business. Both the InMotion and Hostgator allows for free data backup but they both differ in timing. The InMotion hosting company allows you to free data back up for every 24 hours to 36 hours where you can save your backups up to 10GB. Hostgator offers free data backup for only once in a week.


Apart from SSH Access, PHP, and Ruby, InMotion offers both the PostgreSQL and MySQL to manage your data and this offers you flexibility in developing applications and you will also feel more comfortable. But the PostgreSQL is not offered by the Hostgator.

Free Domain:

The InMotion offers a free domain for all the one year as well as two-year hosting plans for the business. If you don’t like to purchase during the checkout, InMotion will offer a domain for free which you can use it later. The Hostgator charges for the domain for all the hosting plans of them.

Pre-Installed WordPress:

The InMotion allows for pre-installed WordPress so that you don’t need any manual setup to download it and also the hosting will be started once you purchase your hosting plans in InMotion. Hostgator doesn’t offer preinstalled WordPress.

Free SSL:

Everyone will look for the best security while choosing hosting company so as to keep their content as well as the website in a secured manner. The InMotion hosting provides free SSL on all their shared plans and Hostgator doesn’t include free SSL in their plans.

Automated Vulnerability Patching:

The InMotion works hard to protect your website in a safe manner and it protects from malware as well as hackers. To keep all your files in a safe manner, it checks for vulnerability patches in a regular manner. This facility …

Why Camping Gear should be High-tech in 2018

Nature Lovers and trekkers would definitely love access to the latest gadgets while they are at their favorite destination. The Camping essentials are an important thing that has to be planned well before they head off to the getaways. This is important because mostly campers and trekkers would be out in the wild without shelter and access to basic amenities. It is in their best interest they maintain a checklist of things they would want to carry with them. Though the primary aim of trekking or camping is to get away from the hustle and bustle of our urban lifestyle, we might still need access to some very basic gadgets or accessories. Technology has been such a gift to the humans that has always made our lives better and more satisfying. It has also changed the camping experience by providing some of the amazing gadgets that help campers survive in the wild.

How is technology improving the camping experience?

Technology is Omni-present. You can hardly come across anything these days that does not have an element of technology. In the camping arena, all the big technology giants are in a constant race to provide the latest of the gadgets that will make camping a whole new experience. Starting from battery powered eco-friendly camp stoves to affordable headlamps with sensors, there are many options available to help the campers enjoy the calmness of nature without disturbing the serenity.

Why Tech-enabled camping gears?

Camping is usually done to get a closer look and experience of nature and we know from experience that as ravishing as it looks, Mother Nature also has a different side to her. The natural disasters can be devastating. It is better to be equipped and informed about the local weather conditions from time to time. A good battery powered radio can take care of this job. Sleek and lightweight models are available.

Hi-tech camping is the new trend among the nature lovers as it keeps them better prepared and also can enjoy some of the home comforts while resting in nature’s lap.


How Technology Is Changing The Business Landscape

Technology has always changed business. Not only is it changing business in the way that technology is being sold. But it is also changing business in the way that technology is incorporated into business. Technology makes business transactions more convenient for customers. This helps business in the way that the easier the transaction, the more transaction. This relationship can be attributed to people’s laziness. Nobody wants to dig around in their wallet for like twenty minutes. They would much rather swipe a card to pay immediately. Also, cash can be really bulky, so instead of carrying a wallet that looks like its going to explode, someone can just carry a credit card instead. A single card can replace a wallet full of cash and more. Sometimes you don’t have enough cash to pay for something, but with a credit card you can pay for the item upfront then pay later, so you don’t have to carry a ridiculous amount of cash with you all the time. With these many benefits, companies who don’t accept credit cards are all gone.

When you go outside, you rarely see businesses or companies who don’t take credit cards. The convenience and the popularity of them makes them a must for businesses. Anyone who doesn’t adapt to that technology, will be bankrupt or must rely on a niche product selection or something to differentiate them from other vendors. A new thing to consider in the world of business is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It eliminates the need to even carry a card around as all of your money is stored electronically in the version of an electronic currency. Technology can also help you reach more potential customers. Instagram kaufen is an example of using Instagram to attract more customers. Keep track of current trends in business to keep your business up to speed.…

TIps Choosing Windows Development Technologies

Developing an application is quite easy today. The access to online resources and tutorials about app development and the availability of app development tools help developers.

The language you choose

Apps are developed to perform either some simple tasks or some complicated tasks. There are some straightforward tasks that could be automated with the help of an app. Take the Bluetooth feature for example. Almost everyone knows how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10. But there are ways to build an app to trigger the Bluetooth on or off based on a given condition. And there are apps that help track finances or perform such critical activities as well. No matter what app you develop choosing the right language is the first main step. Some languages allow you to add extra layers in order to enhance the performance. If it is flexibility you want then there are various languages which offer you that. The type of app being developed, the features you want on the app, the security and the customization required would all determine the choice. Also, the need for a standard library narrows down the options in a few cases.

Right tools and the graphics library

Depending on the type of images you would like on the app and the colors and textures you plan to use you would have to choose the suitable graphics library as well. Consider the best options for the modern GPUs.

Finally, the development tool you choose has the biggest influence on the end product. The way you implement the algorithm, the length, and the complexity of the code and the running time would all depend on the chosen development tool. Windows development technologies have now evolved to make the app development interface programmer friendly while also making it easy to create apps that are user-friendly.…

The Latest Military Drone Technology

Just as the recent developments of drone technology in the field of e-commerce, social media, petrochemicals, small businesses, major businesses, agriculture, and others, the drone technology is improving many folds even in the military sector.

Here is a look at some of the latest drone technology that the military has adopted for its perusal.

  1. Self-steering Bullets – This is one invention that adopts the drone technology. It is made of many different tiny sensors and a bullet of 0.50-caliber. It has the ability to change course all of a sudden in midair, giving it an immense potential to strike moving targets with accuracy greater than an expert land sniper.
  2. Unmanned Submarines – This is another invention that closely resembles the drone technology. Today, the military is looking for ways to create warfare submarines that do not need anyone to steer it, in addition to these being undetectable until the submarines can quietly sneak up close to the enemy shores.
  3. Stealth Warships – The drone technology is also being innovated to operate in the skies without being noticed and without being a threat. These are largely being investigated to be of use during wars.
  4. In addition to these mind-blowing modifications of the drone technology, newer drones are being developed that are highly capable of:
  • Monitoring activities on enemy soil
  • Jamming signals in native country to protect citizens
  • Jamming signals in the enemy country to protect its own army
  • Delivering weapons
  • Acting as a system with multi-sensors

The military is constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate.

Wouldn’t it be cool to lay your hands on one of these? Definitely! However, military tech is completely off-limits to civilians but that does not have to get you all worried up, as the similar technology of many of these drones is available for sale on the internet. You can get your drone from this website. Happy flying!…