10 Simple-But-Fun Tech Projects to Make With Kids

Use the following simple-but-fun tech projects which you can make with your kids:

Digital temperature record:  Give the child a digital thermometer and teach how to record temperature using the same.  You can now ask the child to find the coolest spot and the hottest spot in the house.  You can ask them to find out the reason.

Chemistry kit:  Buy a chemistry kit from https://www.starwalkkids.com/  You will be amazed to see how many experiments children can perform using the kit.  It is safe to use.

Weighing:  Provide the child with a digital weighing scale.  Ask him to check the weight of various packed foods and compare with the label specification.

Simple robotics:  Using a few batteries, wires and toys available at home try making robots.

Water tester:  Using litmus strips ask the kids to test the ph level of tap and salt water and record them.  Ask them to check online which water is best.

Density:  Using glass tumblers, ask the kid to fill oil first and then pour water.  Try teaching about density by showing oil floating on water.  You can try this with various liquids.

Medical kit:  Using medical kit, train the child on first aid techniques.  The child will learn the importance of using handwash, band-aids etc.

Steamboat:  Fill a wide tub with water.  Ask the child to fill a small plastic bottle with a solution of baking soda and vinegar and drop it in the tub of water.  Due to the chemical reaction, the plastic bottle propels in the water like a steamboat.

Melting:  Give a few ice cubes and multicolored sheets to the child.  Ask him to place each ice cube on each colored sheet and observe it.  Each color has a different capacity to absorb heat.  Hence ice cube melts quickly on the black sheet.   Ask the child to observe this.

Magic:  Place a few pins in a bowl.  Keep a magnet beneath the bowl and move it.  The child will be surprised to see how the pins automatically move inside the bowl.